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Who Is More Keen and Smart? Male or Female?

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Who is more keen and sharp? Male or female? This question is being invested by the world from effort prehistoric. Researchers are of various assessments. A few say male and others say female.

However, a fitting response has been given by a Tamil writer by name Karmega kavignar.
He has composed a book named ‘Kongu mandala sathakam’ in which he has responded to this inquiry. Kongu mandalam is the present Coimbatore area of Tamilnadu, India. This sathakam comprises of 100 refrains which gives the magnificence of this popular district.
In stanza no 65 the writer gives a genuine story that has occurred in Sangagiri, a little city in Kongu region.

When there carried on with an incredible writer by name Emperuman. He has created an extraordinary work called ‘Takkai isai Ramayanam” His name and distinction was spread all through the distant land and numerous writers were turned into his companions.

They used to come to Karamega kavignar’s home for helpful abstract discussion.
Once as expected a few researchers came to his home. In any case, the artist was not there as he was away to get done with a pressing responsibility.

His significant other Poongothai, by name, was exceptionally astute and smart. According to the act of the days of yore, she kept herself inside the house and the researchers sat on the little front facing region of the house. They began visiting.

Throughout their discussion one writer said nonchalantly that despite the fact that the ladies are learned one can not anticipate that they should be developed. The other one said the ladies overall are not by any stretch astute and smart. The third one said they are implied exclusively for concocting and bringing the kids.

Poongothai who was inside the front lobby of the house listened this discussion.
This multitude of focuses were heard by Poongothai. Promptly she has composed a sonnet in a Venba design, a sort of prosody in Tamil, in a little palm leaf and sent it to the discussing masters through a little kid.;ban-F9_Nemo&t=,siteid:a8188405-4b46-49f5-a8fe-0a51e8cf5571,language:en&_t_ip=  

The sonnet composed by her was perused out uproariously. It expressed, ” as a matter of fact just female are more developed and male are less shrewd and not in any way shape or form that a lot smart. Mightn’t you at any point understand, goodness, a lady just sees once she considers. However, no man under the earth could see ever whether he has given a birth to a kid or young lady.”

Every one of the writers were particularly stunned to see this significant sonnet. This sonnet gave an incredible knowledge to every one of them.

Abruptly every one of them burst in to the lobby and prostrated before Poongothai and apologized. They beseech her to excuse them.

At the exact second the incredible artist, Poongothai’s significant other went into the house and was dazed to see his companions were all at the feet of his better half.

He realized what had occurred.

Everyone lauded both the couple and the news spread quickly.
The Lord additionally heard this occurrence and he approached the artist and prostrated before Poongoathai.

Poongothai subsequently turned out to be extremely renowned and the undeniably challenging inquiry was in this manner addressed fittingly.

An exemplary work in Tamil called ‘ Neeti Venba’ in one of its stanzas (section no 30) characterizes an ideal lady in this manner:

She will be delightful like a gold. She will have the persistence like the earth. She who has the lovely bosoms will give sexual fulfillment in the bed to her significant other like a whore and she will assist her better half with preferring a learned priest consistently.

Valid, Ladies are perfect, more insightful and more cleverer than man!