Jaw Dropping First Anniversary Cake Designs To Woo Your Partner

  A wedding is one of the beautiful events of life and there is so much even after that. We all may frown when the long stretched wedding functions get over. But the first anniversary celebration is the moment when we can relive the wedding jitters again. Adding surprise elements is the best way to celebrate 1st anniversary. This keeps the love between a couple intact and strengthens the bond between the two. Ordering a mouth watering cake for your partner is definitely the best way to make them feel happy and affectionate. Whether you are a wife or a husband, it’s your moral responsibility to surprise your sweetheart with a sweet treat.

So, here we bring magnificent first anniversary cake designs to let your partner know how valuable he/she is in your life:

  1. Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake: Red is the color of love and it matters a lot when it’s about 1st anniversary celebration. Red velvet, the flavor of exoticness and the flavor of sumptuousness oozes out adorable feelings for your partner. Covered with frosty red color, layered with fresh vanilla cream, infused with chocolates, and shaped in a stunning design, this cake will definitely melt the heart of your spouse. Plus, it’s alluring color red and heavenly taste will leave your beloved speechless and couldn’t resist eating another bite. You can get it freshly delivered by ordering online.
  2. Photo Cake: Life is not about possession of materialistic things, but it’s the collection of beautiful memories. And we are sure you must have a lot of lovely treasures in the form of photographs, whether from wedding diaries, courtship period, honeymoon fun or simple brunch outings. So just pick that image and get it replicated on the 1st anniversary cake to blow away your wife/husband’s mind. He/she would be happy to realize that you invested your time and effort to make their day special and memorable. This mesmerizing experience would leave your partners awestruck and make them happy to the core of their heart.
  3. Pink Swirl Rose Cake: First anniversary is all about love, romance and joy. You can get your partner swoon in your love by gifting a creative cake to them. Filled with rich nectarous strawberry and topped with beautiful pink swirls, pink swirl rose cake is an angelic cake which would definitely steal the heart of your love. More than seeing the cake, he/she will enjoy cutting this moist cake. You can add on the red rose flowers bouquet to compliment the pink swirl cake and then gift them together to your sweetheart. Getting such an incredible gesture from your partner, he/she will feel at the top of World.
  4. Alphabet Anniversary Cake: Decorated with fresh fruits, meringue & flowers and shaped in the initial alphabet of your partner’s name, anniversary cakes can simply make your partner’s heart melt into the tears. Even, by the taste, this cake is utterly delicious and would definitely bring a smile on the face of your partner. The yummy cake will land your partner on another planet of paradise where everything will seem delightful and pleasant. Alphabet anniversary cake can be booked online and are available in all flavors and sizes. So, order this cake and celebrate your 1st anniversary in style.
  5. Prince and Princess Cake: 1st anniversary is all about spending mushy time with your wife/husband. The unique ‘prince and princess’ design will speak the language of fathomless love. This cake will make your spouse feel that he/she is the prince/princess of your life and how lucky they are to have you in their lives. This cake will definitely elevate the party vibes and leave unforgettable memories for lifetime.

Relationships are the wonderful blessings. You are lucky if your spouse loves you unconditionally. 1st anniversary is the best time to express your feelings towards your partner.  Order one of the cakes from the list given above and celebrate your lifetime union like never before.