9 Ways to Surprise Your Best Friend on Their Birthday

9 Ways to Surprise Your Best Friend on Their Birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion, and your best friend deserves to be celebrated! But, you might be wondering how you can surprise your best friend. After years of friendship, it might not feel like you can do much in the way of surprising them anymore. However, there are still tons of ways you can surprise your best friend on their birthday!

  • Host a surprise party. A surprise party is a classic yet exciting way to surprise your best friend on their birthday. Even if you feel like you can’t pull it off, your best friend will still be so surprised at your decision because it’s a great way to show how much you and all your other friends care. Invite your friend over for dinner and have everyone attending arrive at your place at least an hour before your best friend (especially if they’re always early!). Then, when your friend tells you they’re on the way, make sure all the attendees have a place to hide. When your friend arrives, open the door and have everyone jump out from their hiding spot! Go all out with a delicious food spread, a fully stocked bar and a selection of party favors for guests to take home at the end of the night. Your best friend will feel so loved!
  • Mail them a card. While you might think of snail mail as just something only your grandparents still do, think again! There’s nothing better than receiving a heartfelt card or letter in the mail. Instead of giving your friend their card in person, why not send it to them in the mail? It’s a sweet way to show you care and wish them a happy birthday. They’ll be so surprised! You can send them a card that has a pre-written message inside, or you can use a blank card to write a heartfelt message (or maybe a funny one!) that details why they’re your best friend. Such a sweet and fun way to celebrate your best friend’s birthday.
  • Make a day of it. Sometimes, you just need to celebrate the entire day! Take your best friend out for a full day filled with adventure. Make sure you do all the things you know they like to do, from start to finish. Whether that’s going on a hike in the local nature preserve or visiting all the local coffee shops, your bestie will love every moment of it. Round out the evening with dinner at their favorite local restaurant, or just head back to your place and cook them their favorite meal.


  • Give them the gift of relaxation. Whether you book them an appointment at a local spa or send a private masseuse to their home, your best friend will be so excited to spend their birthday getting pampered. From back massages to mud facials, a relaxing birthday is just what they need to feel refreshed and spoiled by their best friend. If you’re treating them to an at-home mani-pedi, consider giving them a bag full of self-care products! A bag with pampering items is one of the best gift bag ideas, and filling it with nail polish, massage oil or even a homemade face scrub will be a great surprise for them. Consider setting their apartment up with soft music and light some relaxing candles for them!
  • Send them on a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is great for your best friend! Send them to collect clues at all their favorite locations – museums, restaurants and even local shops. Make them solve riddles and treat them to a scoop or two of ice cream or a cup of coffee at the end of their hunt as a sweet surprise to round out the activities. They’ll love it!
  • Go all out for their birthday party. Even if your bestie knows you’re planning them a party, who says it has to be boring? Get themed decorations, use personalized coasters and even bring in some live entertainment for a fun twist on your average party. Your best friend will be so surprised that you took their simple party to the next level! They probably won’t even know what to really do besides sit and look around in awe of how much you care.


  • Fill their office with balloons. If you and your best friend are big fans of pranks and funny moments, why not fill their office with balloons? Cover their entire office floor with balloons of different sizes, shapes and colors for a funny and unique surprise when they walk in the door! If you’re really looking for a way to make their balloon-filled office-surprise unique, consider putting candy, cash or even a couple of glitter bombs in the balloons for them to find! As they’re emptying the balloons out of their office, they’ll come across all their fun treats – another unique surprise to add to the occasion!
  • Give them a scrapbook. A scrapbook is a book that’s filled with letters, photos and mementos from a specific period of time. You can create a scrapbook for practically any occasion – and what better time than for your best friend’s birthday? Use a variety of different materials and photos to wish them a happy birthday and show them you care. Get other friends and family members in on the fun by having them write letters and messages for your best friend. Include those in their scrapbook. Your best friend will be so moved by the gift!
  • Send them flowers. A sweet surprise for anyone, flowers are a fun and heartfelt gift to give your best friend on their birthday. Whether you send them their favorite flower, a custom arrangement designed by the local florist or even put the bouquet together yourself, a small (or big!) arrangement of fresh flowers will make your best friend smile with joy. Of course, if they have allergies, then you might want to send them a silk arrangement. You can still have something beautiful delivered to them that reminds them how special they are to you.