Great Friendship Gifts That Cost Very Little to Post


Chances are it’s been a long time since you’ve seen your friends in person. Maybe your friend lives in another country. Whatever the circumstance, sending your bestie a show of friendship now and again will go a long way. Going down to check the post and finding a surprise parcel is an exciting time. However, sometimes a little something can turn into an expensive something when you factor in the dreaded postage and packaging. But don’t fear, we’ve got you covered with a handy run-through of some of the cutest friendship gifts that won’t break the bank to post.

Gotta Love Socks

Who Doesn’t Love Socks?

Exactly, there’s nothing better than a funky pair of socks, that’s why they make the top of the list. This versatile gift suits any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries or just a little show of affection. Whether you want to send a flirty footnote, a funny line, or a little bit of love, will have your back… or feet.

A Little Pick Me Up

This cutesy little number is a simple yet thoughtful gift. Why not send your partner in crime an Open When Letter from the heart? This note will tell them exactly when to open it. For example, when they’re feeling alone or when they can’t get to sleep. Your words of love and encouragement might be all that your friend needs to light up the darkest moments in life. With the postage cost of your average letter, this will cost next to coming to post.

What a Mug

Great Friendship Gifts That Cost Very Little to Post

Send your friend a mug to remember with a fun and personalized message. Not only will this be a lovely addition to the mug cupboard but when they fill it up, they will think of you. Again, this won’t cost you an arm and leg to post.

Frame It

Seeing as you can’t be out making new memories right now, why don’t you send your friend a little framed photo so they can reminisce about the good times. Alternatively, leave it blank and they can put their own picture in, and you can hope you’re in it.

Show Your Light

You get two lamps, one for you and one for your friend. Then, once they’re set up, using some sort of magical technology, all you have to do is tap the lamp and your friend will know that you are thinking about them as theirs begins to shine. This one might cost a little bit more to post, but it’s worth being included because you both benefit and it’s adorable as hell.

There are hundreds of little gifts you can send that won’t cost too much to post but will have a massively positive impact on your friend’s day. With these ideas, you should feel inspired enough to get your shopping game on and send your friend a little something to show that you’re still there.