8 Benefits of Having a Small, Intimate Wedding

8 Benefits of Having a Small, Intimate Wedding

When you think of planning a wedding, this is probably the first image that comes to mind: a stressed couple planning for their big day, from finding a venue to scheduling a date, to sending out invitations, to getting a dress, to finding a caterer, to hiring a DJ, to hiring a florist, etc., etc., etc. Suffice it to say, planning a wedding is stressful. For many couples, it can lead to them just wishing the day was here and done with so the stress can be over, which only leads to their big day going by in a blur as they move from one scheduled event to the next. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can have a small, intimate wedding that feels massive. Smaller weddings are a wonderful thing, as it allows you to alleviate that stress while letting you enjoy your big day with a tight-knit group of family and friends. But what are the exact benefits of having a more intimate wedding? Here are just a few to consider.

Less Spent On Alcohol, Catering, And Entertainment

The cost of large weddings adds up quickly. You’re bound to pay a lot by the end of the day, whether you’re paying for an open-bar tab, a live band, or a restaurant to cater to your hundred-plus guests. A much smaller wedding will cut almost all of those costs out, though. You can still order catering, but the order will be far less than what it would be for a traditional wedding; you can DJ yourself with a Spotify playlist if you want; you can make a beer, wine, and liquor run in the days leading up to your ceremony, stocking up so there is enough going around without having to hire someone to bring a whole bar along.

More Spent On Florals and Decor

You spent less on alcohol, food, and live entertainment. You could save that money, or you could direct some of it elsewhere. We recommend using it to improve your floral arrangements and custom decor. You can suddenly make your ceremony into a botanical palace, with robust arrangements garnishing wherever your guests might look. And trying to spice it up even more? You can improve tabletop decorations and menus to enhance the style for both yourself and your guests, making your wedding into a dream aesthetic.

More Spent On the Bride and Groom

Wedding planning is all about budgeting: How much can we spend on this? What should we cut? What can we afford? Just as a smaller wedding can save money to be used on decorations, that money can be put toward you and your spouse. Currently, planning on buying standard gold wedding rings? Put that money toward unique wedding rings you both can cherish.

8 Benefits of Having a Small, Intimate Wedding

Be More Adventurous

A more intimate wedding means you don’t need to rely on the massive reception hall or large cathedral to hold all your guests. So, what can you do differently? You can think outside of the box! Maybe your ceremony will be on a mountaintop; you could have all your guests gather on the beach for your ceremony and reception; you can even hold your wedding and reception in your backyard. There are many different options you can explore, allowing you to customize your wedding exactly to the specifications of you and your spouse.

It Could Be Just You and Your Guests

A common complaint from newlyweds is that they didn’t get to spend enough time with all of their guests. Why not cherish the moment more? One solution is forgoing catering, florists, DJs, and bartenders and making it a family-and-friend gathering. Treat it like an extra-special get-together, where everyone pitches in something to the event, whether it is a mixed drink, a prepared dish, or a handmade gift. Your guests will feel more cherished by being included in your big day. It makes it easier for guests to share their stories, include themselves in discussions, and generally feel valued by being in the new couple’s presence.

It’s Safer in The Time of COVID

The sad truth of modern life is that the COVID pandemic must be taken into account when planning social gatherings. While the consensus has grown into accepting that we cannot see people as we normally would, whether for hangouts, birthday parties, or holiday celebrations, weddings are still happening during COVID. While some have opted for planning virtual weddings to enhance all-around safety, a small, intimate wedding might be the perfect in-between. While there is still some risk, consider planning accordingly: Have everyone get tested in the days leading up to your wedding and ask that people social distance to the best of their efforts. You might find yourself breaking the rules as the day goes on, embracing your loved ones, but follow as you see fit—all while maintaining other safety standards.

8 Benefits of Having a Small, Intimate Wedding

You Can Focus On Authenticity

Large weddings are still personalized, but many other considerations go into the overall planning—you’ll want to meet expectations and try to make all of your guests happy. Leave that behind with a more intimate wedding. Now you can focus on authenticity and intentionality, making decisions that are unique and which meet the needs of you and your spouse first and foremost. You and your partner can work at creating a wedding that aligns with your vision, checking in with each other along the way to guarantee that.

Your Wedding Is Your Own

Your wedding day becomes a blur when dealing with a wedding ceremony and reception that has a massive schedule accompanying it, where there are far too many spinning plates being held aloft. Forgo that stress and live in the moment! You can enjoy your wedding by making it your own. By slowing down, you can embrace your wedding as it happens rather than living through it in captured photos and videos.

Small Is Beautiful

With the ongoing pandemic and the fast-paced world we live in, choose to slow down. Plan a small, intimate wedding this season and cherish the memories with your spouse, family, and closest friends as they happen.