Wedding Invitation Cards With Rsvp – Why Should You Choose Them?

What Does RSVP Mean on an Invitation?

In French, RSVP refers to “répondez, s’il vous plaît”. In English, it means, “Please Reply”.  You certainly send wedding invitation cards to hundreds of friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours and others associated with you in some way or another.

However, you also need to know how many of them will actually be able to attend the event while managing their busy schedules.

Typically, people send out their invitation cards a few months before the event date. This time gap helps the guests plan their trips, business involvements, and other tasks accordingly.

Especially for close friends and relatives, an invitation received a few months before the wedding helps in more ways than one. Planning for the right gift also takes a lot of time.

Hence, your guests feel at home when they get to know about the date of the event in advance through an impressive invitation card. You certainly send invitations anticipating that everyone would join you on your special day.

However, some might find it difficult to attend the party due to some unavoidable reasons. When you send wedding invitations with RSVP your guests get an opportunity to reply to your invitation, either confirming their arrival or informing you about their incapability.

This is why many find RSVP cards more effective for wedding planning compared to sending just cards. The followings are a few reasons why you should settle for an invitation card with RSVP for your wedding.

Helps in Wedding Planning

Be it the number of seats required to accommodate all the guests or the quantity of food necessary to serve everyone adequately, if you know the exact number of guests coming to your wedding, planning the event becomes effortless.

Suppose you have sent an invitation to 500 people and only 300 of them arrive on the day of the wedding. Without a fair knowledge of how many people can make it to your wedding, you will make arrangements for all of them.

Now, with almost 200 fewer people at the venue, you will realise that the arrangements are way too extensive than they had to be.

When and How to Fill Out a Wedding RSVP Card

This is when you realise the worth of invitation cards with RSVP. The modern-day card printing services offer exclusively designed invitation cards with aesthetically and warmly designed RSVP emails.

When your guests receive the invitation card, they also receive an email through which they can promptly inform you about their ability or inability to attend the occasion.

Reduces Wastage

Three fourth of a wedding even arrangements remain available for the guests. For destination weddings, the host has to arrange rooms and transportation for your guests. All these involve a lot of money and effort. Making all these arrangements based on anticipation may turn out to be financially taxing.

On the other hand, if you know the exact number of guests who would be able to come to your wedding, you can make the arrangements accordingly. You will not end up wasting money or resources. Therefore, invitation cards with RSVPs are always a smarter choice.

With the latest online RSVP card options, it becomes easier for the recipients to inform the sender. Since the recipient receives the card two or three months before the wedding, they might forget about it and miss out on informing you in time.

With RSVP cards, the chances of getting a prompt reply remain higher. Hence, you do not experience considerable wastage of resources even if a few guests fail to make it to the event at the last moment due to some unprecedented emergency.

Accurate Number Of Table Cards

Some people also opt for table cards to help guests find their seats without any hassle. Table cards add to the overall sophistication of the party arrangements. However, if you do not know the names of the guests who will attend the event, there will be many empty tables with name cards on them. All these empty tables will consume a fair share of your venue, let alone the cost of printing the name cards.

Therefore, choose invitation cards with RSVP from a reputed company like Pietra Paper Design. They can offer you multiple templates for RSVP cards to choose from. With RSVP cards, your wedding party arrangements will be just what it needs to be.