7 Must-Have Apps for Any Long-Distance Relationship

7 Must-Have Apps for Any Long-Distance Relationship

We are surrounded by technology. Each day we get to know about the new technology being introduced. Among all the benefits that one has while living in such an environment, being globally connected is one that all of us appreciate. This thing has made people being updated and connected even if they don’t meet for months. Being virtually connected through different applications is the new norm and is proved to be beneficial especially for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. We are here to tell you about the applications that a couple not living together should have on their phones.

Snap Chat:

Many applications have been made for people to stay connected even being miles away. Staying connected involves things like texting, calling, sending pictures, and many other things like these. The application named snap chat was introduced to people a few years ago. You can understand by the name that this app is related more to pictures than texts. Snap chat is an application that involves talking to people through snaps. This app has a text option as well. The snap that you send in this app while chatting disappears once the person has opened it. A couple in a long-distance relationship should download this application. This app helps couples in updating their lives to each other through sending snaps and an added benefit is that loads of snaps doesn’t get saved in your phone storage hence saving your phone from storage problems.

Fix a Fight:

All of us are aware of the fact that many long-distance relationships end because of not meeting for months and just being connected on texts and calls. Many misunderstandings and issues like not giving proper time to your partner arises. This leads to several fights. Here comes an application named Fix a fight that has proved to be a relationship savior for many couples. This app lets you talk about your misunderstandings by giving you the best pieces of advice on how to initiate such conversations. This app also gives you relationship tips and advice. The best part of this app is that it has some self-relaxation exercises that let you take out your frustration and saves you from not letting your anger out in front of your partner. A professional psychotherapist and couple consultant is connected to this app and that should be enough to convince you to install this application if you are in a long-distance relationship.


Some gestures have been famous for making your loved ones feel special. Among all the gestures one that is preferred by all is giving gifts. When you give something to your loved ones you always think about the things they like. You have to go through a thinking process to decide on a gift. The real thought process comes in when you have to decide on a gift for your partner and if you are in a long-distance relationship with your partner then you make every possible effort to surprise them with the best gift. Here comes the role of Sesame, which is a couple app made to help in deciding a gift for your partner. This app allows you to send gift boxes that you can customize. Within a few clicks and cost charges, you get the perfect gift idea and get it delivered to your partner within a few hours. Brighten your partner’s day living far away from you by sending a themed gift box to them through sesame.


All of us have a human diary. This is the person we can always rely upon and we know they have got our back. We feel the need to update this person regarding everything we do in our whole day especially if this person is living far away or say if you are in a long-distance relationship. But most of the time we feel like we are burdening the person by texting them now and then and if the person is your partner then you get concerned about them not getting disturbed by your loads of messages. Avocado an app also known to be the best couple tracking app has solved this issue. This application helps you make a to-do list and crossing out the items that you are done with. This also informs your partner about the tasks that you have did the whole day without them getting disturbed.

Lok Lok:

You must have heard this thing from many couples that the worst low that their relationship has seen is when they were not in the same city or country. This happens because it gets very difficult to manage your daily tasks and update your partner together. Many times one gets so much stuck in their daily chores that their mind gets occupied and they don’t even feel like picking up their phone. Lok Lok has solved this issue for couples being in a long-distance relationship. Lok Lok offers a feature in which the message sent by your partner displays on your lock screen and you don’t even have to unlock your phone to reply. This helps in talking to your partner without being glued to your phone.


Everything has its merits and demerits. A long-distance relationship has its merits but the demerits that ruin a lot of things for the people being in it is the partners wondering where the other person is until they have a proper conversation. Cupple app has solved this issue. This app lets couples check-in and posts pictures in a private timeline that is shared between the couple only.


This is an application all of us are aware of. Skype was launched years ago. The purpose of this application is to connect people through them being able to see each other despite being miles away. When no other application was there to have a video call feature, Skype was the one that let people connect virtually through video. Couples have been benefited a lot from this application. Two people who are in a long-distance relationship should use Skype to stay connected through video calls with their partners. You can also share your screen and enjoy the benefits of watching a movie, scrolling through your social media accounts, or laughing at memes together.