Building a Healthy and Happy Relationship with Your Partner

Building a Healthy and Happy Relationship with Your Partner

There comes a time in our life where we find someone that we want to be with. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough for that person to want us in our lives. But happiness doesn’t simply happen when you’re officially “together.” A happy and healthy relationship entails many things, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today.

A Good Relationship Is Always Built

No relationship is good out of the box. Even the perfect couple needed to adjust to each other and figure out each other’s quirks. Some couples might not have needed to communicate it directly. Perhaps they’re very sensitive to each other’s emotions and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, other couples make it a point to directly communicate what they like or don’t like. What’s important to understand here is that a good relationship that’s encouraging and brings you joy is not something that just happens. You make it a goal to be in a relationship like that, with both parties agreeing to it.

Make the Conscious Effort to Know More About Each Other

In every relationship, there’s one thing that must be done before moving on to bigger things. And that’s knowing as much as you need to about each other. Before you talk about commitment or wedding bands, before about family plans, understanding and knowing each other is absolutely important.

Interestingly enough, many people don’t make a conscious effort to know their partner. They assume that it will happen naturally. And it will, through time and experience together, you’ll get to know more about each other. But making the conscious effort to ask the things they like (and remember it) goes a long way. It helps you react better to your partner; it helps you understand why their reactions are a certain way. Basically, knowing each other is the first step to truly be in a loving relationship.

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See Your Partner’s Perspective

To really understand someone, you need to have experienced what it’s like being in their shoes at least once. And in a relationship, this is particularly important. Having an understanding of their side makes communication a lot easier. However, the difficulty is often in the how.

First, you can go for something very simple and realistic. Try each other’s hobbies. Find out why they like it so much. This is a great bonding experience and can provide insight into how their interests influence them as a person. Another way is to ask. As long as you make it clear to each other that asking “why” is not an insult, you should be free to ask each other and discuss like logical adults. Seeing the world from someone else’s perspective is difficult, yes, but it helps us understand each other more.

Respect Each Other’s Distance and Space

Everyone has a downtime when they’re not so bubbly and happy and are rather irritable. Sometimes, there are just moments when we want to be left alone, including family members and loved ones. There’s no particular feeling of sadness; it’s just that some people prefer solitude, especially when they’re doing something that requires intense focus.

Whether you’ve been together for a long time or you’ve recently just started dating, it’s important to respect each other’s “alone time.” There’s no need to pout and complain about it, as giving each other the necessary space to think and recover social energies is all part of the relationship. Do your best to find out how much time and space your partner requires, especially early on in the relationship. It will save you a lot of emotional energy by letting you skip very preventable arguments and miscommunications.

Patience, Understanding, and an Effort to Improve

Even after all your attempts to understand your partner, you won’t suddenly find yourself in a position where you wholly and fully understand them. It takes time, patience, and constant effort to be in a happy and understanding relationship.

Patience is the key. Your partner will be making mistakes. They will forget important details, dates, and events. They might do something that will upset you. We’re human, after all, bound to forget, to err, and to repeat it. The key here is patience and understanding for both of you. Understand that you’re both trying your best and that it won’t happen overnight.

Relationships can be tricky. One day, you’ll find yourself doing the right things in a row, and then you’ll suddenly make a mistake. That’s fine, and it’s completely normal. What’s important is that you always forgive each other and do your best towards a healthier and happier relationship.

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