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5 Small Ways You Can Help Your Fiancée With Your Wedding


A wedding is something you share and plan with your partner, but most of the time, one person will take over and carry out most of the plans. Although you may think it’s easier to stay out of the way and it’s what your partner wants, a bit of support can help more than you think. There are many small things you can do that aren’t as established but has the potential to make a large difference. There are also things you can do to make your wedding more personal, which has the potential to show your partner how much you care about them. If you want to get more involved, then here are five ways you can help your fiancée with your wedding.

Write Your Vows

Getting ahead and writing your vows for your partner is a great way to show them that you love them and that you are enthusiastic about the wedding. It shows initiative, which may encourage your partner to open up and ask you for more help. Sometimes, people don’t ask for help because they feel like they can’t.

Choose the Music

Sit down and speak to your partner about the music you want at your wedding. This way, you can take charge and find the DJ, bands or solo artists you want during the day. You should also discuss options for the song you want for your first dance. This gives you an opportunity to choose songs that make you think about them, as long as they don’t have their heart set on something specific.

Pick a Ring

You should know your partner better than anyone. When you plan a wedding, getting your partner a gift can be forgotten because you are already spending so much money, you are too busy, or you just can’t think of anything suitable. Picking a wedding ring for her or him, whether you get it alongside yours or you choose each other’s, is the perfect gift and personal touch to your special day.

Get Your Outfit

Sorting out what you are going to wear on the day is something you have to get involved in, so why not go and organize it yourself? As long as you know the color theme and the style you should go for, you will be good to go. This is another way you can add your own personal touch to the wedding and it gives you the opportunity to choose something you like and feel comfortable in.

Organize Your Family

Inviting people and tracking down RSVPs can be a stressful component of wedding planning. You need to know the numbers so you can ensure your venue has enough room, you order enough food, etc. Organizing your friends and family will take a huge stress off your partner’s shoulders. If you can get a list of who your partner wants to invite, you can take charge of all invitations and tracking RSVPs.

As you can see, there are many small things you can do to help with your wedding. It will all be appreciated by your partner and will make you more aware and involved in the big day. Just don’t forget to communicate to ensure you are both happy with any decisions you make.

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